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Montauk Attractions Near 15 Ditch

Explore Beyond the Beachfront

Want a weekend retreat like no other? Your search is complete. 

Within moments of our hotel near Ditch Plains, you'll find yourself in the heart of timeless Montauk attractions. Choose from the beach, local vineyards and the open water itself; indulge your love of unique finds in the shops of the East Hampton shopping district; experience Montauk history at Montauk Point Lighthouse or Second House Museum. For an athletic afternoon head to Montauk Down Golf Course, the various charter fishing outfitters, or horseback riding stables in our area. If you're seeking more adventure explore the paths of Montauk Down State Park. After a day full of exploration, dig into savory coastal fare at beloved local spots 668 the Gig Shack, Shagwong or the Saltbox, and enjoy the rich variety of wineries up and down the island.

Discovering what to do in Montauk will open your eyes to everything that makes us one of the most iconic vacation destinations in the world. Following a day of exploration and adventure, return to our restful rooms for a peaceful evening at 15 Ditch

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